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PMI Alliance Group has always been a leader in providing innovative products and services for you, our client.

"Every potential is a new potential, and our firm is active and ready to guide you, whatever the hurdle."President & CEO

Exceeding your expectations

Going above and beyond the call is the standard operating procedure for a company like PMI Alliance Group. We’ve built our business on loyalty and a feeling of need to immediacy in everything we do. Time is always of the essence. These qualities compel us to always exceed our partners’ and clients’ expectations.

No industry remains stagnant, and the risk management industry is no exception to this rule. Each new regulation brings with it new challenges to consider and retool our offerings to better fit the customer’s needs. It takes a daring person to try out new ideas and go places that no one thought was possible. Are you that sort of visionary that can adapt on the fly to new environments? Are you ready to take the necessary risks?

PMI Alliance Group
PMI Alliance Group

Investing in the future

Each change in regulations is met with a warped economic situation. As a company that wants to continue optimizing our offerings to partners and clients, we need to respond to these changes in the situation as they occur. We’ve learned how to predict these changes, acknowledge them, and adapt to them, building a system that is truly future-proof. We seek to overcome these obstacles and build a better, more prosperous future. Let us work alongside you as your trusted and dependable associate.

A leadership that stems from past successes

PMI Alliance Group has a track record for excellent quality and dependability. Because of our longstanding experience, we’ve become leaders in claims administration, innovative risk management solutions and warranty distribution. PMI Alliance Group relies on building a strong partnership base and achieving corporate growth through our service offerings. We create unique products that our clients need, that cater to their specific needs. PMI Alliance Group aims to ensure your success – we succeed when you succeed. As your preferred partner, our shared destiny lies in giving you the best possible strategic support. Let us help build your road to success through innovative service offerings.

PMI Alliance Group
PMI Alliance Group

Strategic Planning

Strategy sounds like a complicated thing to grasp, but it is as elegant as it is simple. A strategy is a well-thought-out procedure that builds a base for further expansion. Just like a game of chess, you have to look at where the industry as a whole is lacking and spotting how you can address those shortcomings. One of the upsides of this is spotting the moves your opponents will make and countering before they impact you. We believe in a well-thought-out strategic plan that encompasses your goals and your current strategy. To get the best possible outcome, you have to play the game artfully.

Beyond that, we ensure that our clients and partners are satisfied by going the extra mile for them. We create long-lasting, beneficial relationships with each business partner. Thanks to our dependability and rapid decision-making, we stand out as a premier partner in our industry.

Our Core Values


Candor and honesty are paramount in our corporate culture. We believe that there is no justification for disregarding these principles in a company that is guided by traditional and familial values.


We are present across Canada and collaborate with partners that are scattered around the globe. Our longstanding alliances guarantee mutual gain from all parties.


We offer dynamic vision combined with knowledge of the market, enabled by a highly passionate and efficient team of professionals that are enthusiastic about their area of expertise.

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We bring our vast experience, our strong partners and our talented team to offer you the best solution. For more information, please use our contact portal.